Track & trace

The name says it all really: with track & trace you get insight into both the past and the present. Which is handy when the vehicles you’re interested in are always on the road and out of your field of view.

Track & trace

A track & trace system helps you to make timely adjustments, so that you make optimal use of your time and resources. The web application provides you with insight into the number of kilometers driven, the trips made, and the driving style of drivers, as well as telling you where the vehicles are located at any given time. This combination ensures that you:

    • maintain control of your fleet;
    • can respond rapidly to specific situations;
    • reduce the risk of theft;
    • can monitor whether your fleet is being used efficiently;

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Trip registration

Insights and overviews, that’s what we stand for. To make it easy for you, the vehicle tracking system saves all the data, so that the trip registration of your vehicles is always up to date.

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