Temperature registration approved by TÜV

After each trip, you give your client a voucher. This voucher shows that you have transported the load under refrigerated conditions. But can you prove this? Our digital temperature registration makes this possible. During the transportation of the refrigerated load, we collect all the data – from the route you took to the temperature of the load. This way you can provide your client with all the information they need, at any time. And vouchers become obsolete.

How does it work?

If your business involves transporting products such as meat, fruit or flowers, a good cooling system is essential. Which is why we monitor our system continuously, from second to second. The results appear in a special web application so that you have complete control over your load. It is even possible to define specific criteria: for example, you can specify that the temperature must not be allowed to rise above a certain value. If this does happen, you will receive an alert immediately.

Sharing information about refrigerated transport

You can make use of the information about the refrigerated transport yourself, or share it with your clients. You can send the reports via email or give clients access to the web application. You decide what information you include. Much better than a voucher wouldn’t you say?

Temperature registration and track & trace

Our solution consists of a temperature registration and track & trace system in one. Both systems run on a single SIM card and display the results in one web application. Easy to interpret, but above all efficient: because the solution consists of multiple functionalities, you can easily reduce costs.

Customized temperature monitoring

Our temperature registration system is TÜV-certified and is made completely to your specifications. By combining the right elements, we achieve a system that is completely aligned with your organization. Want to know more? Ask about the possibilities, we’ll be pleased to tell you all about them.

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