Navigation system

Knowing where your vehicles are located is one thing. But making sure that your staff know where they have to go is probably even more important. Which is why you can combine our track & trace system with our advanced navigation tool.

How does it work?

The navigation tool enables your staff to specify a clear schedule. At the start of the day, the first assignment will automatically be displayed. If your employee accepts this assignment, the route will be shown. This happens for each trip, so that your employee knows exactly what to do, and you know at every minute of the day where your employee is located.

Link to planning software

The navigation tool offers ease of use as well as clarity. Because we link the tool to your planning software, the data is automatically sent to your employees. This not only saves you time, but also telephone costs: employees will call less often because the navigation system will display all the information they need.

Customized navigation system

We develop the navigation system ourselves. This enables us to align it completely with your business process so that we can add any extra functionality required. For example, status buttons for employees to indicate that they are on location, taking a break, or stuck in traffic. It’s even possible to load this information directly into your planning software so that you can define your routes more efficiently, based on the findings.

Small investment, huge effect

The navigation tool is accessible for every organization. For a small investment, you can increase your effectiveness considerably. To give an example: thanks to our tool, a mechanic will work two hours more efficiently on an annual basis, thereby quickly recouping your costs. Would you like to know more about the system? Then just contact us.

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