Managing the diesel tank

Theft of diesel straight from the diesel tank is becoming a plague. Which is a big problem, because you installed the tank to save you time and money. Which is why we have developed a solution so that you can optimally manage the uptake of diesel.

How does it work?

Our solution consists of a special unit that we link to your fuel pump. Before you can fill up, you log on via the unit with a code or key. The fuel pump will only be activated when the system recognizes your info.

Managing the diesel tank

The unit makes it possible for you to manage your diesel tank optimally: you know exactly who is making use of it and at what moment. For your fuel supplier too, the system is ideal. The invoice is generated automatically and when the tank is almost empty, a message will be sent automatically.

Completely customized

You specify how you use the unit. Because we produce the system ourselves, we can align it completely with your wishes. Want to know more? Then just contact us.

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