GPS tracking system

With a GPS tracking system you know exactly where your vehicles are located, but even more important: when they will be arriving at your client’s address. Based on this information, you can provide your clients with precise information about when a package will be delivered for example.

Tracking vehicles and persons

As well as vehicles, you can use the GPS tracking system to trace people too. Via personal keys, you get insight into traveling times and the number of kilometers driven. Additionally, the vehicle can only be started with this key, which reduces the risk of theft. will quickly tell you what you need to know. Meaning that:
  • your administration is always up to date;
  • you are able to inform your clients;
  • the risk of theft is reduced. 

Privacy of the GPS tracker system

The GPS tracker system tracks vehicles and persons 24/7. Of course we value your privacy. In conjunction with all parties involved, we agree on how the GPS tracker is to be used.

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