Digital tachograph

The law demands that you read out the data from your digital dictograph every 28 days. This sounds simpler than it is. Because it often means planning in extra kilometers before reading the tachograph. And this obviously will lead to higher costs.

Reading a digital tachograph

Our digital tachograph enables you to implement your vehicles more efficiently than ever. Because the tachograph is connected to the cloud, we are able to download all the trip data whenever needed. We archive this data carefully so that you comply with all the relevant legislation.

Tachograph with track & trace

An additional benefit of our digital tachograph is that you can combine it with a track & trace system. Both functionalities run on a single SIM card, enabling you to save on costs. Additionally, you can view the data via a simple to use web application. Which is ideal as this allows you to keep control of your fleet. Wherever you are.

Completely customized

We make the digital tachograph completely customized. The legislation forms the starting point, but you will also have the room to determine how you want the system to look. Together we make sure that the tachograph is completely in line with the wishes of your organization. Curious to know all the possibilities? Then just contact us for more information.

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