Gaining control over the working materials

“A waste disposal company wanted to gain more control over their working materials. The company proposed a number of points for attention.
  • They wanted to introduce a card that would give access to shovels, lorries and draglines.
  • These vehicles should only work if it was clear who was driving them.
  • To establish how the drivers treat the material, the company wanted to be able to read out the CAN bus.
  • In the case of overheating, an alarm was to be triggered.

Registration of working materials

Several parties designed a trial system that the waste disposal firm could test. We proposed using the existing passes that the employees already had because the personal data was already stored on them. During a discussion, we determined what information would be needed from the track & trace software, so that the company was able to generate reports very easily.

Low subscription costs

The company ended up choosing our trial system. The fact that they were able to use the existing personnel ID passes played a key role. The low subscription costs in combination with the option to generate reports at no extra cost was the crucial factor.”