About us

From one single system to programmable customization. From all information to just the data you need. From just on the computer to access everywhere. A lot has changed in the last fifteen years.

Own track & trace system

In 1999, Vanderkooij Telecommunicatie BV, specialists in speech- and data solutions, released their own track & trace system. This was a so-called parameterizable solution, which meant that for each situation, one single system was implemented.

Customization becomes the default

When we, Hans Geelen and Johan Herkendaal, acquired the company in 2004, we saw that the market needed progammable solutions. Which is why we developed a unique system that registers everything, but only shows the information you need. Customization is therefore the default. In this way, we can add extra elements to our systems, such as RFID switches, various types of card readers and immobilizers.  We also make use of GPS satellites, and are able to have our devices run on solar power.

User-friendly overview

Our system has been produced totally under our own control. And we have paid particular attention to make it as user-friendly as possible. In a clearly laid-out web application you can view reports and charts. It is also possible to track vehicles, products or persons live. All our systems run in the cloud. So that we can make modifications and updates remotely. Additionally, you have the option to view information anytime and anywhere. We offer you the solution at a low, monthly rate. As an example: if a mechanic works just two hours more efficiently on an annual basis as a result of our system, the investment will have paid for itself.

Always a suitable solution

After years of preparation, in 2010 we founded Techni Trace so that the outside world could become familiar with our systems. We work in the Netherlands, renowned for its talent for innovation, but we are also active across the border. In every country, we have access to specialists who are able to study your specific situation.  By combining technical know-how with experience in industry, we can always offer appropriate solutions.

Curious about what we can do for you?